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The newest and sweetest corporate and executive gift idea.

Welcome to, the best place to order branded corporate and executive gifts.  A Sweetbox makes a great gift for your clients, colleagues, or employees, whether a Birthday Gift, Valentine’s Day Gift, or Holiday Gift, your fellow candy lovers will love their Sweetbox.

All candy bar gift boxes are not created equal. With Sweetbox, you get the simplicity of 3 click ordering. 3 clicks, and you’re done, but also the knowledge that you’re giving a gift that everyone will love.  Your time is valuable, so we make sure to do all the work for you.

Looking for branded corporate gift ideas?

There are a lot of places to buy executive gifts online, but only with Sweetbox do you get the best candy bar gift available. The fellow candy lovers in your life will be surprised in the best way when their Sweetbox is delivered to their home or office. When they open up the box, they won’t know what’s inside, but when the see their favorite candy bars it will make their day that much sweeter.

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